Sign Up Guide


Welcome to our FriendsWith sign up guide!

Please make sure you keep this tab open to refer back to as a step-by-step guide.

1) Load the FriendsWith Home Page.

2) Click on FriendsWith Tab Bar and select Selling on Friendswith from under the vendors tab.


3) Scroll Down to where it mentions a Marketcube Account. Click on "sign up".

4) Check the log in screen shows the FriendsWith lightning bolt Icon in the top left corner. If this is not present, please try the sign up link in the previous step again.


5) Enter the details you want associated with your Marketcube account.
You will need to use the same email associated with your E-commerce store provider.
Agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service and press "Register".

6) Check your email (which you entered in the previous step) and verify your account.

7) Log in to your newly created Marketcube account and continue with the Marketcube set-up.

8) Fill in the Text Fields needed to complete profile details. Only text fields with the title accommodated by an * are mandatory.

9) Add payment service provider. This is the E-wallet you will receive your funds into it. This can be with Stripe or Pay Pal.
Stripe Recommended.

Note: If you do not already have a pay pal account and want to use pay pal as your payment service provider then please use the below links:

New Zealand: Pay Pal NZ

Australia: Pay Pal AUS

f you are located in other countries then please use a search engine to find Pay Pal for your selected country.

10) Complete the registration process with Stripe or Pay Pal, Or sign in to either Stripe or Pay Pal, then click Connect account.
Please use Pay Pal or Stripes Documentation if you have any trouble creating an account.

11) Click on Add Products.

12) Select how you want to upload your products. For example, select Shopify Store:

13) Enter the name of your store. i.e.


14) Agree to the Terms and Conditions and press "Continue to vendor live connect"

15) install unlisted app.

16) Wait to see if your store has connected successfully.

17) Click import products from your store (this will only import the products, you can add/push products to Friendswith in the next few steps).


18) Click on the button below to view the uploaded products and add them to the FriendsWith Store.

19) You can add all products to the FriendsWith Store by selecting "Showing # Shopify Products" > "More Actions" > "Add Products".

20) Once you import a product, it will only show in the imported product list for 15 days before having to import again, unless the product has already been added to Friendswith. From here you can add products to FriendsWith, Edit Products or Remove Products.

FriendsWith Team will review each product and approve them as soon as possible.

For any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at for any help onboarding or to schedule a video call.